dental_photo300The children at Grace have been very fortunate to work with Dental Care International over the past 5 years. DCI was established by Dr. Dawn McClellan and is a a one year training program to train young women to become dental assistants. To date, six children from Grace have graduated from the program and all were offered jobs in Dental practices upon graduation. The young women who are currently working in dental practices are now earning a middle class wage and living independently.

Iimagen the coming year we hope to develop a Dental Training program at Grace Girls’ Home to increase training capacity and opportunity. This program will be directed by Drs. Disha and Diwakar Kinra.

Are you a dental professional interested in learning more about how to participate in the program? Please email Dr. Disha Kinra at:


To the left are two of our Grace girls who are currently in dental assistant training. Both are now working at dental offices getting practical training. This is a photo of their first day at work.