There are currently 35 girls who reside at Grace who have lost family either due to poverty or the the 30 year civil war. We are trying to improve educational opportunities for the girls and this fundraiser will help raise money to hire tutors. Many of the children have missed years of school due to the war and the tutors will help us bridge deficits in their education. CLICK HERE to join this team as a runner. Scroll down this page to sponsor this team with a donation.

Our Team Members

Nikhil Gunaratnam

I have been helping the kids at Grace for the past 4 years by running in the Dexter Ann Arbor run. Last year I traveled to Grace and helped build a basketball court for them. I am running to raise money to help girls like Danya. Please watch this 3 minute video to see how Grace has helped her.

Gabe Kellman

I am a sixth grader at Emerson school. I am very excited to run in the Dexter-Ann Arbor run to help support the girls in the Grace orphanage in Sri Lanka. Please sponsor me to raise money to help the girls. I will be traveling to Sri Lanka this summer to visit Grace.

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