The Grace Girls' Home is backed by the VeAhavta charity. VeAhavta means “you shall love.”

Our mission is to nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of orphans in a secure home, to provide hope for unemployed young women through vocational training, and to provide nourishment and education to refugee girls without regard to race, ethnicity, religion or social circumstance of those in need; and to do these things in a way that promotes understanding of different cultures and religions so they can COEXIST in mutual respect.

Our extensive educational program includes daily tutoring in math and English, access to computers and the Internet and an innovative Skype-based mentoring program where local U.S. high school students work with Grace girls to improve outcomes in reading and math. Our Dental Assistant Training program, in collaboration with Dental Care International, is a one year program training young women for a career as a dental assistant. In the past 5 years, 60 children have completed the program and all were offered jobs in dental practices upon graduation. These young women now earn a middle class wage and live independently. With growing awareness and funding, additional partnerships and opportunities for vocational programs in diabetes care, solar power and hospitality are being evaluated.

At the Grace Girls’ Home, all are treated, above all, with LOVE.

  • LOVE from the caregivers at Grace in Sri Lanka
  • LOVE from our volunteers around the United States & the world who donate & support our girls
  • LOVE from the businesses, medical care providers & educators who offer our girls opportunities for happiness & success
  • LOVE from the Board of Directors in Michigan
  • LOVE from the orphaned girls….TO YOU!