We are often asked whether VeAhavta supports a particular faith or religious tradition - are we a ``Jewish`` or a ``Christian`` organization? Is it part of our purpose to convert others to a particular faith?

The answer to both questions is an emphatic “no.”

VeAhavta has no religion. 

We are an interfaith, or ecumenical, organization. Our Board of Directors is presently comprised of both Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews and we work extensively with people of all faiths in the United States and in Sri Lanka.

One of our charitable purposes is to “Promote peace, understanding and mutual respect among people of different religions through education.”

In other words, we do not “proselytize,” nor will we work with those who do. That means we do not try to convert others to a particular faith.

Just as it is contrary to our purposes to proselytize, it is equally contrary to attempt to discourage anyone else from practicing their own faith.

We would never ask anyone to refrain from stating what he or she believes to be the truth, if asked; nor would we ask any person to conceal his or her religious expressions. Hindus should be free to be Hindus, Buddhists to be Buddhists, Jews to be Jews, etc.

Everyone associated with VeAhavta is aware of the religious diversity that exists in Sri Lanka, in Trincomalee and, more importantly, at the Grace Girls’ Home.

We celebrate that diversity – we see the differences as opportunities to learn about each other and to grow in our understanding of the truth, and we are determined not to allow diversity to devolve into religious bigotry.