student_involvementThe Grace Girls’ Home welcomes participation from students of all levels and backgrounds. We currently have a strong partnership with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Students play an invaluable role in ensuring that proper care is delivered to the girls and elders at Grace, from participation in weekly Skype calls to on-site facilitation of projects aimed at identifying and filling potential gaps in care, management, and sustainability. It is in the nature of operations at Grace to require a multidisciplinary team of students to exercise expertise in their respective disciplines, with the hopes of finding solutions to problems to better serve the community at Grace. Students gain not only valuable professional experience for their future careers, but also the satisfaction of taking part in a philanthropic endeavor that reaches individuals and families truly in need. If you are an undergraduate or post-graduate student from any of the following disciplines, click to read more in depth about the experiences prior students have had at Grace.

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Open-quotes-iconAlthough I have yet to visit the Grace Girls’ Home, I have made myself amenable to assisting operations through a skill-set that involves bringing people together around a common cause. When I first became involved with Grace, I felt handicapped by my inability to relate to the other students who had made meaningful on-site contributions during their time at the center. It was then that I realized that a fundamental problem with the current student recruitment strategy was the absence of a strategy. At the time, outside of my involvement with Grace, I was building the framework to consolidate various South Asian student organizations on campus for the purposes of tackling contemporary social issues. The realization that there was a deficit in student recruitment at Grace provided clarity to one aspect of this consolidation: an umbrella student group could serve as a feeder organization for various aligned non-profit organizations, including Grace. I relayed these thoughts to Dr. Naresh Gunaratnam and he was very happy to appoint me as the primary point person for student recruitment. Through this umbrella organization, we have engaged public health students, and now plan on engaging dental students as well to take part in an on-site training program. I have also assisted in adding a page to the Grace Girls’ Home website dedicated to involving students of all disciplines and backgrounds. The goal of a multidisciplinary approach to student recruitment will pay dividends in the future, as large problems are best solved when observed and dissected through a multidisciplinary lens. This is evidenced by the current partnership between business and medical students, striving to achieve an attainable model for sustainability. I plan to continue my role as recruiter during the remainder of my years as an M.D., Ph.D student at the University of Michigan, and hope to visit the center during the summer to better my understanding of the mission.

– Anjan Kumar Saha
MD/PhD student at the University of Michigan

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