Open-quotes-iconThe Grace Sisterhood initiative sprung from a desire to create lasting relationships with Grace girls while fostering their enthusiasm for learning.  Regular Skype sessions with our Grace “sisters” have grown into a refreshing source of anything from weekly anecdotes to storybook readings, songs, dances and so many other creative forms of expression.  Working with our sisters on math and English concepts and helping them to better understand their coursework has become an incredibly meaningful experience.  We continue to integrate tutoring and other educational activities into these Skype sessions and hope to gradually build a web-based curriculum for Grace girls to access as supplemental instruction.  The Grace Sisterhood was built with the aims of easing the stress of independent study and providing our sisters with the peer support and educational resources that we receive everyday.  Working towards these goals, we have been able to experience the remarkable resilience of our Grace sisters and witness their fierce dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

– Rasika Patil
Sophomore undergraduate at the University of Michigan.