Grace Girls’ Home, a girls’ orphanage located on seven beaten acres in the port town of Trincomalee in war-torn Sri Lanka, was opened in August, 2002. That same year, a cease-fire agreement was signed, ending a long, bitter war. The accord provided brief hope for Sri Lankans that was soon challenged by nature. In 2004, a deadly tsunami took the lives of nearly 40,000 Sri Lankans and left hundreds of thousands homeless. When the civil war ended in 2009, Grace Girls’ Home had endured years of escalating costs, conflict and fewer sources of funding, yet saw steady, increases in the number of children who were orphans and/or homeless.

Our girls have suffered the loss of immediate family and have limited opportunities to attend school or learn skills. Grace Girls’ Home has a 14-year history of empowering girls and developing educational and vocational programs to help them break the cycle of poverty. We not only provide food, safe drinking water, clothing, academic support, vocational training, medical support and the basic necessities needed to survive and thrive, but also help rebuild a sense of hope, home and family that was torn from them at such an early age.

Managed by VeAhavta, a 501(c)(3) charity, our board of directors in Ann Arbor, Michigan operates in a “hands on” manner with annual visits to Sri Lanka & via weekly Skype sessions with the orphans and local management team.

Donations from around the world are helping to support Grace Girls’ Home, but we need your help. Please consider donating your time, dollars and support. Working together as educators, health care leaders & volunteers, we can make a difference one girl at a time.